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JetBlack Z1 trainer

Published August 5, 2013

SAN DIEGO, CA (BRAIN) — Australia-based trainer brand JetBlack is entering the U.S. market this season with the JetBlack Z1 Fluid HYDROGEL Trainer.

It features progressive resistance up to 900 watts. The patented design has a roller with a special gel composition creating a new type of contact between the bike and the trainer.  JetBlack says the roller reduces noise by 55 percent and tire wear by 25-30 percent.  The HYDROGEL Roller combined with fluid resistance gives a smooth, quiet ride, the company said.

JetBlack's SRS Smart Release System allows quick and secure bike mounting, with adjustment on one side and the quick release lever on the other.

All JetBlack trainers come with a CD coaching session designed by an Olympic level coach.  More coaching sessions can be downloaded from the JetBlack website. All JetBlack trainers come fully assembled.

MSRP: $329.99.

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