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A combo lock for QR skewers

Published November 12, 2013

ESSEX, United Kingdom (BRAIN) — U.K.-based Sphyke offers theft resistant combination locks for wheel skewers, axle locknuts and seat binder bolts.

The QR wheel skewer locknut or axle nut is encased in a stainless steel shielding with a four-digit customizable combo lock. A waterproof plastic dustcap is then placed over the lock. Axle nuts for varying rear wheel hubs are available, including models for internal gear and fixed gear hubs. A similar system is available for the seatpost binder, with a three-digit combination lock. 

Sphyke is selling its products via its U.K.-based website and through select shops, primarily in London and Berlin. The company has not yet appointed a distributor for the U.S. market but after several years of product development, a company spokesman said it now has the production capacity to expand to more markets worldwide. 

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