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Breezer launches 29er trail bike with MLink suspension

Published March 31, 2014

MARIN, Calif. (BRAIN) — Breezer is launching a new family of full-suspension bikes with 29-inch wheels and 120 millimeters of travel, called Supercell.

The bikes feature the MLink suspension design Breezer introduced on its 650b Repack enduro bike last year. The MLink was designed with Sotto Group, an independent engineering firm. 

"When we introduced Repack last summer, Breezer's new all-mountain bike, it climbed and handled so well it completely changed people's perception of what an all-mountain bike could do," said JT Burke, Breezer product and brand manager. "And with Supercell, our new trail bike, we're pushing that even further. Our patented MLink suspension technology is so efficient, lockouts are a thing of the past; and Breezer riders are seeing just how fast a balanced and efficient full-suspension system can climb."

The MLink design includes a short-link pivot placed in the middle of the chainstay. The design is said to balance out opposing braking and pedaling forces for an anti-squat and anti-rise ride. Breezer Supercell and Repack are the only bikes available with the technology.

"With MLink, Sotto has precision-engineered a full-suspension system that doesn't require a pedal platform or lockout to make it climb well," said Joe Breeze. "Bikes climb best when the suspension is active and engaged. When locked out, you're essentially riding a hardtail — your suspension no longer responding to the trail. Being able to leave your rear shock open is a big advantage."

Breeze said chainstay length and front center must be shortened in order to achieve optimal handling with 29er wheels.

"Optimizing trail for the higher axle height allows the rider to lean their bike less for a given radius turn," said Breeze. "Slack headtube angles on big-wheel bikes mean the rider must lean the bike more for the same turn, increasing the likelihood of lost traction or sliding out. Optimal trail and shorter wheelbase is faster and more efficient."

The Supercell bike line will include three models: the Team, Pro and Expert, at $2,566-$4,099. They will be available in early April in the U.S. and May globally.

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