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CatEye safety light switches to battery-saving mode automatically

Published April 22, 2014

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — CatEye's new Rapid X safety lights will switch from steady mode to flashing mode automatically when the battery power decreases to 20 percent. The flashing mode provides the rider with an hour of extra light.

The front and rear models (TL-LD700-F and TL-LD700-R) have lithium polymer batteries and are USB-chargeable.

The lights have six modes. They will run in high mode for about one hour, low mode for about five hours and in flashing mode for about 30 hours. A "Rapid" flash mode will run for about 16 hours, "pulse" flash for about the same and "vibration" flash mode will run for about eight hours. CatEye says the pulse mode is "peloton friendly" so ride buddies won't be blinded by the light.

The lights weigh 22 grams each. MAP: $40 each.

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