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Inspired by ski vises, the VeloVise offers easy transport and storage

Published June 2, 2014

CALGARY, Alberta (BRAIN) — The VeloVise is bike workstand that clamps onto a workbench, table or an optional work stand. Inspired by ski vises, it is easy to transport and store and offers a bottom bracket-and-dropout attachment.


The vise weighs 3.8 lbs. (1.7 kg) and fits in a box with dimensions of 29 x 11 x 11cm — small enough to fit in luggage, carry-on or a small cupboard for storage. It fastens to any tabletop with a thickness up to 2 1/2-inches (6 cm).

The bottom bracket support is positioned high enough above tabletop to allow pedals to spin. A shock cord secures the frame against the bottom bracket cradle and is tensioned with a cleat integrated with the clamp. 

It comes with 100mm quick release, 15mm and 20mm thru axle adapters. Adaptors are available separately for 130mm and 135mm quick release, Lefty, 25mm Specialized, 24mm Maverick, 12mm x 135, 12mm x 142, and 12mm x 150 axles.

The VeloVise is the first bike product from Innovation Incorporated, which has been active in the design and manufacture of ski and snowboard tuning products for more than 25 years.

The VeloVise retails for $149. The optional workstand retails for $199.

The VeloVise is being sold direct to consumers currently, but its maker is in talks with several U.S. retailers about wholesale sales. Interested retailers can contact the company at

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