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New JetBlack trainer offers big fly wheel, HydroGel roller

Published December 3, 2014

SAN DIEGO (BRAIN) — The new Z1 Pro Fluid boasts a 6.6-pound flywheel that generates long coast-down times and a more realistic on-road feel. This year the Z1 also has a new Set-Clip Release system that allows for a fast bike entry and release, offering a one-time-only "set and forget" function.


The HydroGel roller reduces noise by up to 55 percent over metal rollers and reduces tire wear up to 30 percent. All JetBlack trainers come equipped with iOS- and Android-compatible mobile training apps, giving the user the ability to measure speed, power, heart rate and more.

All JetBlack trainers come fully assembled, ready to ride out of the box and offer a limited lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $369.99.

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