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British company launches in-ear body monitor at CES

Published January 3, 2017

LAS VEGAS (BRAIN) — A British company is launching a new in-ear body monitoring device at this week's Consumer Electronics Show here. The Bodytrak device, which is being marketed to cyclists and other athletes, tracks heartrate, speed, distance, cadence and other factors. Its most unusual feature is probably its ability to measure core body temperature through the ear. 

"Bodytrak gives sports enthusiasts at all levels a competitive edge, both in training and competition. It's the only device that measures multiple vital signs in a single compact wearable - alternatives measure just one or two. Bodytrak also provides the only way to measure (core body temperature) unobtrusively in the field," said London-based Inova Design, which is developing the Bodytrak.

The company said the ear is the only place on the body where both core body temperature and heartrate can be measured accurately.

All data is sent from Bodytrak wirelessly to a cloud-based analytics platform via a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or internet hub. The Bodytrak can also play music and be used as a phone or radio earpiece. It records and digitally processes ambient sound so users retain their hearing and situational awareness for safety. 

Bodytrak is expected to be available this summer. The company did not release pricing.

The Consumer Electronics Show runs Thursday through Sunday. Many companies are releasing products to the media prior to the show.

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