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MRP's new Ribbon Fork designed for all-mountain use, adjustability and lightness

Published March 22, 2017

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (BRAIN) — MRP's new Ribbon fork is named for a well known trail near the company's headquarters here. The company says the Ribbon Trail offers a variety of terrain from slow, techy moves and near-vertical rollers to slickrock slabs where speeds can reach in excess of 50 mph.

"The trail tests a rider's prowess while approaching the limits of traction, their confidence to let-off the brakes and "pin it" at eye-watering speeds, and their courage to drop into daunting, seemingly impossible chutes. The new fork was built to handle everything trails like the Ribbon can throw at you, and it became the de-facto test track, so it was only right to pay homage with the name," the company said.

The Ribbon fork has a FulFill air spring with independently adjustable positive and negative chambers. It also features MRP's Ramp Control adjustment and PSST valves to release pressure in the legs resulting from altitude and temperature changes. The fork has MRP's twin tube EssenTTial damper.

The fork's Outcast arch has forward-facing weight reliefs to mitigate mud build up.

The Ribbon weighs less than 4.2 pounds with uncut steerer, for both 27.5-inch and 27.5+/29-inch models). 

Each fork comes with 35mm of spacers and instructions for adjusting its travel in 5mm increments. The Ribbon will be offered in nine decal color options. Each Ribbon is built to order by hand at MRP's facility in Colorado. Every MRP fork is dyno tested to ensure the compression and rebound ranges are exactly where they should be. 

The Ribbon is available from MRP's distributors, including U.S. distributors QBP, BTI, Giant, KHS Bicycles, J&B Importers and Cyclone. 

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