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Stoptix bicycle brake light uses accelerometer to trigger flash mode

Published April 18, 2017

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (BRAIN) — MechOptix, the maker of an automatic brake light for motorcycles, is now offering a light for bicycles using a similar sensor technology.

The Stoptix Bicycle Brake Light is a rechargeable 50 lumens flashing light that turns on automatically when it senses decelleration, using an accelerometer similar to those in smart phones. The company said it will not get triggered by hard pedaling or a bumpy road and automatically recalibrates when the cyclist is descending a hill. 

MechOptix had developed its aftermarket motorcycle brake bulb to turn on when a motorcyclist downshifted to slow — regular moto brake lights only illuminate when the brakes are used.  

Jeff Hammock, the CEO of MechOptix, said, "A group of customers we had not considered, bicyclists, asked us for Stoptix technology in a bicycle light and we delivered.

"We also added features that make our light superior to the 'blinky' lights currently available on the market."

The 140 degrees angle of the light is visible up to 180 degrees. Battery life is 11 hours for Flashing Mode, 14 hours for Tail Mode and 6 hours for Tail+Flash Mode. The retail price is $69.95. Distributors and retailers can contact MechOptix for wholesale pricing at 256-542-1711, email or visit

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