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Endura offers overshoe for flat-pedal shoes

Published October 9, 2017

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (BRAIN) — Endura's MT500 Plus Overshoe was designed for cold, wet and muddy conditions.

The overshoe has an open sole made from hardwearing rubber for flat or clipless pedals. The upper is made from nylon-faced neoprene rubber, with highly durable overlays.

Endura said the molded rubber sole hits "the sweet spot between structural rigidity and an 'open' area large enough to maximize contact between shoe and pedal."

The overshoes have a velcro closure and a wide toe that allows them to fit a large variety of mountain bike shoes, whether designed for use with flat pedals or clipless. They come in the MT500 collection's signature black with yellow detailing, and are available in sizes S-M, M-L, and L-XL.

MSRP is $64.99. More information at

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