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Quarq offers wireless pressure gauge

Published April 23, 2018

MONTEREY, Calif. (USA) — SRAM's Quarq division has launched a wireless tire pressure gauge, which stays on the valve stem and communicates to a phone app or head unit.

The Quarq TyreWiz will be available June 1 on; a two-sensor package will retail for $199.

"Tire choice and tire pressure are the most underrated factors in cycling performance and comfort today," said Jim Meyer, the founder of Quarq. "Riders have more choices than ever when it comes to tire and rim design. There's a challenge in finding the right combination of those things, and we're making those choices based on gauge technology that hasn't changed much since the 19th century. Real-time tire pressure monitoring technology isn't new, and we believe it should be on every bicycle to make the riding experience better."

Once installed, TyreWiz relays tire pressure data to a cycling computer or a smartphone every second using an NFC, ANT+ or Bluetooth LE connection. The TyreWiz app provides personalized recommendations and pressure alerts. 

TyreWiz is durable, waterproof, powered by a user-replaceable CR1632 cell battery, and adds 10 grams per sensor. The unit is compatible with removable Presta core valves in tube or tubeless tires, including those with sealant.

Accuracy is claimed to be +/- 2 percent, with 0.1 PSI resolution.

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