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Velo releases Year of the Dog saddle

Published May 4, 2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Velo Saddles is continuing its Chinese Zodiac collection of saddles with this year's Year of the Dog model, featuring an image of a Golden Retriever.

Velo began the series in 2015 with the Year of the Sheep and has since offered Year of the Monkey and Year of the Rooster saddles.

This year's saddle has a special cover treatment technology that allows for stitch craftsmanship of the dog fur. The gold metal chain at the rear of the saddle adds to the dog symbolism while offering saddle protection.

The saddle has special packaging to protect it during shipping and delivery and which doubles as a messenger bag.

The 2018 Year of the Dog saddle is based on Velo's newest saddle model, Prevail. Prevail is intended as a professional level saddle with a classic look. Unlike Velo's Angel series, the Prevail's Y-shaped cutout is not visible, but is within the base to offer pressure relief while maintaining the support necessary for competition saddles. Thanks to the additional seat coverage, the Prevail allows for multi-seat positions with a stiffer feel, the company said.

The Prevail features Velo's ArcTech rail mounting system on the underside of the saddle, which provides support and suspension functionality.

Prevail is made using Velo's AirForm foam, which is able to distribute weight and form to the rider's body, but isn't affected by changing temperature and is 30 percent more shock absorbent than traditional PU foam. 


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