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Continental replaces GP4000 road tire with GP5000 with tubeless option

Published November 30, 2018

(BRAIN) — Continental is replacing its popular GP4000 road tire line with the Grand Prix 5000, which is said to be lighter, faster and more puncture resistant. The tire also comes in a tubeless option — Conti's first tubeless road tire.

The regular folding clincher model is available in widths from 23 to 32mm. The tubeless model (the GP5000 TL) comes in sizes 25 to 32mm.

"The GP5000s improves on the performance benchmarks the GP4000sII set with perfectly balanced ride quality, rolling resistance and puncture protection. The new GP5000 delivers 12% better rolling resistance, 20% more puncture protection, is 10g lighter, and, with the addition Active Comfort Technology, absorbs more vibration," the company said.

The retail price is $79 with 23 and 25mm sizes available immediately. 28 and 32mm sizes in a few weeks.

The company said the GP5000 TL improves the GP5000 with 5 percent better rolling resistance and 5 percent more puncture protection. Its weight is 300 grams in the 25mm width. Retail is $94 and it is available soon in the 28mm size, with 25mm and 32mm to follow by 2019.

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