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Muc-Off releases pressurized quick-drying spray degreaser

Published April 2, 2021

LONDON (BRAIN) — Muc-Off has developed a spray degreaser designed to work and dry in seconds.

The High-Pressure Quick Drying Degreaser utilizes a “zero residue” formula to allow the product to evaporate after application without rinsing.

The degreaser is optimal for use on components like chains, cassettes, and derailleurs. The rapid propellant action results in an improved turbo spray to maximize cleaning efficiency. The formula is also effective on waterproof grease and chain wax.

The High-Pressure Quick Drying Degreaser is safe for all gear components and drivetrains, as well as O-, X- and Z-ring chains. The 750ml spray is available through select retailers and direct at for an MSRP of $21.

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