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QuietKat releases All Wheel Drive e-bike

Published March 25, 2024

EAGLE, Colo. (BRAIN) — QuietKat Electric Bikes' new Ranger All Wheel Drive eBike is built on the brand's existing Ranger model, however the AWD version introduces a dual 750-watt motor and a 17.25Ah UL certified battery, coupled with a single-speed drivetrain and a comfort saddle.

The company said the Ranger AWD's all-wheel-drive capability minimizes the front wheel "tug" commonly experienced with AWD bikes, offering better traction and more power.

"Designed for both thrill-seekers and casual adventurers, the Ranger AWD's motor selector switch allows riders to toggle between front, rear, and both motors, accommodating various riding conditions and preferences," the company said.

The model has a peak system input of 2000 watts, a suspension seat post and a linear throttle response system.

"The Ranger AWD is a testament to QuietKat's ability to listen to customer feedback and deliver best-in-class product. We've avoided AWD bikes in the past for various reasons, but some recent advancements in motor control and battery tech made the AWD much more than a gimmick." said Logan Holtz, the director of marketing for QuietKat. "The Ranger AWD was designed to let hunters claw their way through the thick clay of the Southeast and the slick mud of the Midwest. Its single-speed design means no derailleur to break or rip off and the comfy seat and suspension seatpost mean best-in-class comfort."

The Ranger AWD is available in medium and large sizes, with color options including Sonic Veil and Cumbre Camo, starting at an MSRP of $3,499.

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