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Canada Debuts Data Capture Program

Published October 16, 2007

TORONTO, Ontario (BRAIN)—Canada’s independent dealers sold an estimated 341,000 bicycles worth about $148.5 million Canadian ($131.4 million U.S.) last year, according to projections made from the country’s first data capture program.

Sponsored and funded by the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada, which patterned its data collection after the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association’s program in the United States, the first full-year report tabulated actual sales of 221,862 units by its eight major participating suppliers. Those had a wholesale value totaling $96.5 million Canadian ($85.4 million U.S., at an exchange rate of 0.885).

Giant, Kempter Marketing, Kona, Norco, Outdoor Gear Canada, Scott and Trek contributed their data to the report. They provide about 65 percent of the bikes sold through the independent channel and are a representative sample, said Rob Jones, who is running the program under contract with BTAC. Projecting their figures yields the approximate total for the entire channel.

Comparing the trade association’s data with 2006 figures from BPSA, it appears that Canadian independents enjoy higher average selling prices than their U.S. counterparts and sell, in proportion to the two countries’ population, significantly more 26-inch models, especially front suspension and hybrids.

For more details, read the August 15 issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. —John Crenshaw

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