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Giant Trance X 0 Wins Magazine Award

Published November 20, 2007

NEWBURY PARK, CA (BRAIN)—The Giant Trance X 0 Maestro suspension mountain bike has been awarded “2008 Best of Adventure Gear” by the editors of National Geographic Adventure magazine.

The Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008 year-end double issue spotlights the hottest “must-have” gear for the outdoor fanatic. The Trance X 0 is the only mountain bike the editors chose to feature and here’s what the magazine said about it:

“Dual link design frames are the buzz in full-suspension mountain bikes; they use engineering sleights of hand to trick moving parts into being more efficient rather than less. The Giant Trance XO is the Penn & Teller of the dirt world. Though the company has been using its own version of DLD, called Maestro, in other rides, the Trance is lighter, stiffer, and stronger. And with five inches of travel, the frame is better at taking bumps. Also, it's decorated with a host of Gucci parts, from Fox front and rear shocks to Avid Juicy 7 disk brakes and a sweet Mavic wheel-set.”

These are just the latest words of praise for the Trance X 0, introduced by Giant Bicycle this year. The bike is also featured on the cover of the November 2007 issue of Mountain Bike magazine and has also gotten rave reviews from writers at Mountain Bike Action, Singletrack, Decline and

“We knew the Trance X 0 would be a hit when it was introduced this season,” said Dennis Lane, global product director at Giant. “Our retail partners have been looking for that perfect 5-inch travel bicycle that would provide more travel and less weight for the all-day epic ride. They found it with the Trance X series.“

“We featured the Trance X 0 in our just-completed Ride Maestro Tour,” said Elysa Walk, general manager of Giant Bicycle, Inc. “We went ‘cross country, meeting Giant retailers and letting them demo Giant’s Maestro suspension technology. They are as thrilled by the bike’s ride as they are by the demand for the Trance X series. The demand is so great, that Giant has just added a second color choice for the Trance X 2.”

Click on the link to check out the complete Trance line.

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