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First Ever Chamois Awards Tonight

Published December 17, 2007

TEMPE, AZ (BRAIN)—Bicycle Radio’s “Escape The Peloton” has announced the live broadcast of its First Annual Chamois Awards highlighting the best cycling moments of 2007, tonight at 7 p.m. (MST).

The Chamois Awards will highlight Bicycle Radio’s favorite cycling moments of the year and welcome back guests from previous shows. Awards range from, “Favorite Guest of 2007,” “Top Story of 2007,” to the “Driving the SAG wagon” Award, among many others.

It was very difficult for members of “Escape the Peloton” to choose the Chamois Award for their “Favorite Guest of 2007.”

Sean Mellor, host of “Escape the Peloton,” said, “Believe me we’ve had a lot to choose from on this one—Tinker Juarez, Ned Overend, Tom Danielson, Niki Gudex and John Wilcockson.

“Some of the Chamois Awards will be for pure enjoyment,” Mellor added. “Like the Chamois for the comment that left us all speechless. Others, however, will exemplify what we feel our show is all about—passion for cycling and passion for life. For example, you will be pleasantly surprised by our choice for the top story of 2007. And, no it has nothing to do with doping."

Larry Hendon, producer of “Escape the Peloton” offered a little bit of advice. “Bring a tissue. You will laugh and you may even shed a tear or two. Plus it’s the cold and flu season and there’s never a Kleenex around when you need one,” Hendon said.

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