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WTB Starts Tire of the Month Program

Published March 10, 2008

MILL VALLEY, CA (BRAIN)—WTB kicked off its Tire of the Month program with the Stout. For March, it's going to be the Prowler MX. 2.1.

What is WTB's Tire of the Month program you ask.

"It's a good deal for shop employees to get their hands on our new tires for cheap," said Dain Zaffke, marketing manager for WTB. "If they sign up, they get two high-end tires for $25, with shipping included. That's basically half the cost of tires at wholesale."

Another cool thing about the program: tire selection corresponds with the seasons.

"We're running tread designs that work best in soft and wet conditions right now, mid-summer will be hard-packed terrain tires," Zaffke said. "April will be the popular new Wolverine.

This program obviously benefits the shop employees that participate, because they get access to race-level tires at a significant discount. But perhaps the biggest benefit to the program is that the shop staff gains firsthand experience on the tires. That way when they're on the sales floor, they can speak with confidence about which tires will work best for the customers' needs," Zaffke added.

Retailers interested in the program should call WTB at (800) 975-BIKE or via e-mail at

—Jason Norman

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