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The 5th Spot

Published September 18, 2008

Typically, when someone swipes a bike, especially a brand spankin’ new one, it’s gone for good. But every now and then, the ride turns up in the strangest, or—as it would be in this case—seediest, of places.

Read on.

According to Mongoose’s marketing manager Robb Zbierski, Mongoose loaned a new Pinn’R freeride bike to an online journalist for review. Just before a photo shoot, the bike was stolen off the guy’s porch. He toiled for three weeks plastering signs all over town and to online forums with no luck. But then (in his words):

“I have been posting photos and notices of the stolen Mongoose in all the bike shops and have been offering a reward in hopes of getting it back. No word until today. A local police officer was in a shop buying a bike for his kid and he when he saw my notice. He said, ‘I have seen that bike.’ I contacted him and after meeting him at the evidence lockup I was reunited with the Pinn’R.

“The bike was recovered as evidence when this same cop busted a local crack house looking for a particular person. When he was in the house he happened to notice this nice bike in a pile of other stolen goods. The arrested perp claimed he had purchased it for $100 worth of crack from a user who claimed it had been through the hands of several crack heads who had been using it for local transport and then a trade commodity for the purchase of crack.”

Zbierski’s comment?

“It seems the new Mongoose Pinn’R is more addictive than crack.”

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