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Felt Launches New Product Training Site

Published February 6, 2009

IRVINE, CA (BRAIN)—Felt Bicycles, in conjunction with Sparc Retail Fidelity, has launched an all-new product training site, (click on link).

This new site is specifically designed to better educate and inform Felt retailers about key Felt products and technologies in clear and simple video format.

With numerous proprietary engineering methods and technologies, including important information about the company, this new Web site will allow Felt retailers to log-in, create an account, and then navigate through different “modules," each containing short four to five minute videos on a particular subject.

Current modules include Felt company history, carbon fiber construction, Equilink, aerodynamics and more. Shimano also has a module on the new Felt site solely dedicated to its new Dura-Ace component line. After each video the user can take a short on-line quiz regarding that particular subject and earn points towards future monthly and seasonal prizes. Each month there will be prizes given away, ranging from Shimano XT or Dura-Ace Groups to Felt frame kits. expands on Felt’s existing in-store clinics and demos, adding 24/7 online access designed to engage dealer sales staff in new Felt products and technologies, including behind-the-scenes looks into the company. On the sales floor or in the service department, store owners and managers will clearly benefit from having their staff better versed on Felt.

Felt’s national sales manager John Georger said, “The more we visit our dealers to explain our design philosophy and the extent we go to design every aspect of our bikes, the more we surprise our dealers. Countless times we have heard dealers tell us that they had no idea of how advanced Felt’s in-house engineering process was until they had an in-depth clinic from our reps. These videos help build a bridge of knowledge from our engineers/designers to the retail sales staff to the end user. We feel this is a crucial step in the sales process and know that our dealers will really appreciate our help in educating their staff on our highly technical products.”

“Just talking tech and products doesn’t truly connect our dealers with who we are as a brand,” said Bryan Melton, Western sales manager for Felt Bicycles. “We need to tell these stories in the context of Felt—showing our people, dedication, and the story behind our products and company. This platform helps us connect directly with our dealer’s sales people to help them become a real advocate for us at retail and ultimately help our dealers sell more bikes.”

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