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Titus' Human Billboard Program

Published January 12, 2010

TEMPE, AZ (BRAIN)—Titus is launching its Human Billboard Volunteer Program where one lucky winner will win a complete FTM Carbon by getting a Titus tattoo placed on their body.

“Titus has always had a passionate fan base,” said Jeff Titone, marketing director of Titus Cycles. “And what better way to reward owner loyalty than with a new bike.”

The Human Billboard Volunteer Program will be hosted on the Titus Cycles Facebook fan page using the newly released Fan Ideas application, powered by Bulbstorm. The Fan Ideas application will capture fans’ tattoo designs—and also indicate the body part where they will display their Titus loyalty—while allowing other fans to share and rate submissions.

“In the current economic climate, where advertising budgets are limited, we have the unique challenge of trying to reach as many customers as possible while keeping advertising campaigns cost-effective,” Titone said. “The unique two pronged approach of our latest campaign, using both traditional print and social media, allows us to reach the maximum amount of consumers, while allowing us to keep advertising expenses in check.”

“Fan Ideas makes it simple and fun for fans to share their passion for brands by sharing their ideas with friends,” said Bart Steiner, chief executive officer of Bulbstorm. “We've seen Fan Ideas drive growth of a brand's fan base by 400 times in as little as two months. Everyone loves to share their own ideas with their friends.”

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