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Bike Medicine Moves to Bigger Location

Published April 25, 2010

HOUSTON, TX (BRAIN)—Bike Medicine’s new 3,500 square foot facility in Houston gives the company triple the amount of production and warehouse space it had before. The new facility is only two miles from the old one.

This was the perfect time to move its five employees, according to owner Bruce Gilbert, with lease rates much more competitive and attractive than ever before due to the struggling economy. At the same time, UK, European, South African, Australian and other international sales have been picking up steadily for the company.

“This year we want to increase our product offerings,” Gilbert said. “We bring products from heavy industry into the bike business. Everything we offer is industrially proven and appropriate for the use we sell it for.”

For the past five years one of Bike Medicine’s most popular sellers has been its Purple Extreme synthetic bike chain lubricant. It provides excellent protection for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subjected to several loading. It also works well in cold and damp environments.

“Bike Medicine is in the business of bringing industrial strength products of extraordinary performance into the bike industry,” Gilbert said. “We feel consumers should have access to the kind of premium grade products that are normally available only to heavy industry. It really is lubrication perfected.”

Golden Degreaser has proven to be a winner for Bike Medicine when it comes to cleaning your drivetrain. To prove its effectiveness Bike Medicine actually puts on charity fundraiser bike cleaning event demonstrations around the country where they attract onlookers with their Golden Degreaser Six Second Challenge.

“We take the dirtiest cassette available and clean it to perfection in six seconds or less right before their eyes,” Gilbert said.

Bike Medicine has recently increased its distributorship relationships by adding another U.S. domestic partner in Cyclone Bicycle Supply, a leading wholesaler of high-end cycling components and accessories, located in Portland, Oregon.

Bike Medicine is also expanding into several new international markets as well including Germany, France and South America.

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