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Hoover Named Kent's Senior VP

Published August 4, 2010

PARSIPPANY, NJ (BRAIN)—Chris Hoover has been named senior vice president of Kent International. Hoover works with Arnold Kamler, Kent International's president.

"Chris was put in charge of product development five years ago and has done a fantastic job for us. The role of senior vice-president has been vacant since my brother-in-law retired, and Chris is just very deserving," Kamler said. Hoover began working in the sales department at Kent in 1984 after being a buyer for a medium sized discount store.

Also joining Kent is Kamler's son, Scott, who had worked in the hotel business for six years. Scott graduated with a degree in communication from the University of Maryland in 2004.

"Scott does not really have a title yet. The management at Kent and our suppliers were persuasive in having him join our company where I failed. They were worried I would retire. But the truth is that I would die if I had to stay home and look at portfolios and watch television," Kamler said.

Kamler also worked outside the industry upon graduation from American University, he accepted a market research job in Washington, D.C., finally giving into his father's continual pressure to try working at Kent. So he understands the pressure Scott feels as the third generation joining the family business.

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