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Adult Imports Up Big in August

Published October 14, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (BRAIN)—Imports of mountain and comfort bikes up 13 percent in June were up 29 percent through August as suppliers opened the flood gates in the third quarter. Adult categories, up 12 percent in June, were up 24 percent in August, an increase of 957,865 units over last year.

Overall imports climbed by 3.3 million units, a 33 percent gain. The value of imports also is up by $164.1 million, a 21 percent gain. However, the average unit price is down $7 per bike to $70. The fall in average adult bike values outweighed the slight value gain in sidewalk and 20-inch kid’s bikes.

Kid’s categories, sidewalk bikes, 20-inch and 24-inch categories, are still driving most of the increase in business. Through August importers brought in 2.4 million more kid’s bikes than last year, a 38 percent gain.

Exporters in China have reason to smile, they have done more business with U.S. importers so far than anytime over the last seven years, easily rebounding from last year’s losses. So far their business is up an additional 3.3 million units.

Taiwanese exporters are not fairing as well and continue to lose market share to China. Imports from Taiwan are down 6 percent. Contrary to expectations Taiwan is gaining share in kid’s sidewalk and 20-inch categories, but losing it in mountain and road categories.

—Matt Wiebe

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