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NYC Bike Lanes Bring Backlash

Published November 22, 2010

NEW YORK, NY (BRAIN)—It seems not everyone is happy with the 250 miles of NYC traffic lanes dedicated for bicycles that have been added over the last four years, according to a New York Times article (click on above link).

Vocal opposition has caused the city to remove one painted bike lane on Staten Island, according to the article, while the bickering continues over others.

“He’s taking away my rights as a driver,” Leslie Sicklick, 45, said of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, in the story.

The Wall Street Journal also had a story on bike lanes in New York City. Author Tom Perrotta wrote: "What the city has discovered, though, is that remodeling its streets and increasing ridership is the easy part of building a bike town. It's a far greater challenge to change the habits of drivers, bikers and pedestrians in a dense urban environment with congested streets."

To that effect New York City is launching a new ad campaign titled "Don't Be a Jerk," featuring prominent New Yorkers preaching bike etiquette, according to the Wall Street Journal article.

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