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Lambert Updates Brand Identity

Published March 7, 2011

BURNABY, British Columbia (BRAIN)—Lambert has updated its positioning in the market along with its brand identity.

As Lambert has now expanded into other sports, including the addition of outdoor and running divisions in 2010, the time was ripe to re-brand the company, according to a press release.

In the works for the past four months, Lambert’s new image and positioning represents the continuation—and enhancement—of the company’s core mission. The logo itself represents Lambert at the center of a three-way relationship with retailers, suppliers and consumers.

"Lambert’s new logo puts emphasis on the fact that we put people and things into motion," said Jay Hebert, Lambert’s marketing director. "That is really what Lambert is all about—and it is also true for our retailers, suppliers and consumers."

Lambert’s new positioning and brand identity were also developed so that the sports industry could even better identify with the company. "More than ever, a strong brand image for Lambert is crucial as competition increases," Hebert said. "As a distributor, we were accustomed to working behind the scenes, primarily promoting the brands we distributed. We no longer wanted to set aside one very important aspect of our company, which is how our customers and partners perceive us."

Lambert’s new corporate image and positioning will be featured on their new season catalog, which came out yesterday.

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