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Carpiet Promoted to Editor of BRAIN

Published June 13, 2011

LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)—Managing editor Lynette Carpiet will become editor of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News as longtime editor, Megan Tompkins, departs later this month to join Shimano’s OEM sales team.

Carpiet joined the magazine in February 2005 and is well positioned to take on her newest role. “She’s familiar with the magazine’s inner workings, has handled its day-to-day production and has ensured consistency in the magazine’s style and content,” said Marc Sani, the magazine’s publisher.

“Asking Lynette to lead the magazine’s editorial department is exciting and she will bring a new vision to the operation. But watching Megan leave after so many years working with her on a daily basis . . . well, she will be missed,” Sani said.

Tompkins’ last day is June 24.

Tompkins led the staff launch of BRAIN’s popular Dealer Tours and just recently completed her final tour in Philadelphia. She’s also been instrumental in developing the magazine’s popular email newsletters from events like Taichung Bike Week, the Taipei Cycle Show and Eurobike. Tompkins also led BRAIN into the world of social media with the launch of the magazine’s Facebook page and on Twitter.

“I’m proud of the progress our staff has made during my tenure in increasing the print and digital impact of the magazine throughout the global bike business,” Tompkins said. “I’ve had an incredible run at BRAIN. Now I’m excited to take the knowledge I’ve gained and apply it in a new capacity. I have an amazing opportunity to work for Shimano, a world-class company, to build upon my existing skills,” she added.

Before joining Bicycle Retailer, Carpiet was already an expert at trade publishing having worked as senior editor for Mobile Electronics magazine, a publication for aftermarket car accessories stores. She earned her undergraduate degree in English from the University of California at Irvine.

“I’m excited about this new challenge,” Carpiet said. “Over the past six years I’ve had the opportunity to learn and work in the global bicycle industry. I’ve met interesting people and enjoyed hours biking with staff and others. It’s been fun and I look forward to engaging even more with the industry as I assume a more strategic role at the magazine,” she said.

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