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Rolf Prima Offers Crash Coverage for Wheels

Published November 14, 2011

EUGENE, OR (BRAIN)— Rolf Prima has introduced a two-year crash protection plan, dubbed the Hero program, which provides repair coverage for the company’s alloy and carbon road and mountain wheels in case of crash.

The Hero program costs $175 for alloy or $250 for carbon wheelsets and can be bought through Rolf Prima dealers or from the company directly within 15 days of wheelset purchase. By comparison, crash replacement costs through Rolf Prima without the Hero program range from $160 for a front Echelon alloy clincher to $640 for any of the company’s rear carbon wheels.

The customer is responsible for shipping costs.

“This is more for the racing side, so if something unpredictable happens, you don’t have to worry about the cost of our rebuild program. It’s kind of an added insurance,” said Brooke Bauer, who works in marketing at Eugene, Oregon-based Rolf Prima. But she added that the Hero coverage makes sense for recreational riders too.

“When you’re out in big groups, things can happen,” Bauer said.

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