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John Wilcockson joins Red Kite Prayer

Published January 9, 2012

In addition to his work for peloton magazine (announced last week), John Wilcockson will be contributing a weekly column to the Red Kite Prayer cycling blog called “Tuesdays with Wilcockson,” RKP's publisher Patrick Brady announced Monday.

"I first heard about RKP from Boulder videographer Brian Patrick, who said it was the coolest cycling site he'd seen,” Wilcockson said. “So I checked it out and thought, anything that has 'red kite' and 'prayer' in its name has to be aimed at true European bike-racing aficionados, perhaps with a spiritual bent. Nice!

"So here I am, ready and excited to clip in to the pedals and begin this new challenge. My first RKP column will appear next Tuesday. Thanks, Patrick, for the chance to reach some new readers!"

In addition to Wilcockson, RKP is adding two other contributors. Whit Yost and Jeremy Rauch, who formerly published the blog Pavé have elected to cease publishing new material on it and have joined RKP.

Pavé publisher Whit Yost said, "I'm excited to have been asked to join the impressive team that Patrick is assembling at Red Kite Prayer. Belgium Knee Warmers (where Brady was a regular contributor) was one of the sites that originally inspired me to create Pavé, and the opportunity to work directly with some of the creative force behind it is too tantalizing to ignore. As for writers such as (Charles) Pelkey and Wilcockson, I've been reading their work since my earliest days a junior, waiting for the newest issue of VeloNews to arrive and explain to me all that was happening in a sport I was only beginning to understand. I can't think of a better way to start the New Year!"

"The environment Patrick and crew have created at Red Kite Prayer is a unique one, simultaneously providing an outlet for authors to write the content on their own terms, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of quality,” Rauch said. “The always-impressive contributors team has grown more impressive seemingly overnight, and I look forward to working with, and more importantly, learning from some of the heavyweights of cycling journalism. It's a phenomenal opportunity for me, and I'm excited to get started!"

“If you’d told me six months ago that I’d be assembling this cast of writers, I’d have said you were out of your mind,” Brady said of the additions. “It’s true that I always meant for RKP to be a home to great writing about our favorite sport, but my ambitions were decidedly more modest. I’m happy to be granted the opportunity to give such a great group of writers the creative freedom to produce what I believe will be some of the best work of their careers.”

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