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Scott adjusts bike prices

Published January 20, 2012

KETCHUM, ID (BRAIN) Jan 20, 14:01 MT — Scott Bicycles has increased dealer prices and MSRPs on most of its bicycles, the company announced this week.

The 5 percent price increase is due to material and shipping cost increases. By raising the MSRP, dealer margins are preserved, Scott spokesman Adrian Montgomery said.

Montgomery said Scott suggested retail prices are aggressive, so the marketplace should easily absorb the price increase. "On many models, people have told us we could afford to be $200 more, so this increase shouldn't slow consumer demand at all," Montgomery said.

Two model series are excepted from the across-the-board increase. Carbon Foil aero road bikes and carbon Spark full-suspension 26 and 29ers will see an increase in MSRP but not dealer cost, so dealers will enjoy a larger margin.

The Foil and carbon Spark models have been slow to arrive from Asia, Montgomery said, so current dealer pricing will be honored on existing orders. The aluminum Spark models have been available to dealers on schedule. The Foil is starting to become available, and the carbon Sparks will hit dealer floors mid-March, he said.

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