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May 13 is CycloFemme Day

Published March 13, 2012

BOULDER, CA (BRAIN)—Girl Bike Love’s CycloFemme, a day celebrating women in cycling, is already catching on. A week after announcing the May 13 event, Girl Bike Love has registered two rides in Australia, two in the U.K., one in Berlin, German, and several across the U.S.

“Women have had a very strong tie with the bike since its inception. In the 1890s the bicycle was a form of independence, helping lead to the emancipation of women and the opportunity to wear pants,” said Sari Snyder, Girl Bike Love’s founder.

“For many women and young girls around the world, the bicycle is vital for safety, provides the opportunity to attend school, access to health care, and the possibility of economic independence. The bicycle is a vehicle for social change and we need more women leading that charge,” she added.

CycloFemme ride locations will be posted on website, though Snyder encourages cyclists to celebrate Women’s Cycling Day any way they see fit. CycloFemme temporary tattoos will be available online, to be worn as a visual representation of support on May 13th. The tattoo depicts a woman as the bike.

“Several CycloFemme images are up on the site to download, and there is an image of the tattoo. I would really love to encourage bike shops to put an event together. The tattoos are $10 for 10 including shipping, and $15 for international. Proceeds benefit Mountain2Mountain,” Snyder added.

Cyclists wanting more information on CycloFemme can contact Snyder at

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