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Shimano revamps Interbike tech seminar format

Published September 3, 2013

IRVINE, CA (BRAIN) — Shimano’s popular Interbike tech seminars are getting an extreme makeover for 2013. Record participation in 2012 spurred the company into streamlining the format to allow technicians to cover more topics and participants to get more hands-on training.

The seminars will be conducted in a large ballroom divided into two halves, with the front half used for presentations covering seven topics on Wednesday and Thursday of show week, Sept. 18 and 19.

The back half of the room will house a workshop with eight well-equipped work stands, which will be available from show open to close for anyone wanting hands-on learning—on any topic, at their leisure. Shimano tech reps, including a native Spanish speaker, will staff each workstation to assist participants throughout the day.

“In the past, we’ve always done a presentation followed by a few minutes of hands-on time, and have struggled with providing enough time for a large group of people to work on the product,” said Nick Murdick, lead multi-service technician for Shimano American. “We hope that opening up the workstations for the entire two days solves that problem.”

Shimano’s tech seminars at Interbike are the company’s top-shelf level of training, said Murdick. “We offer the most technical hands-on training possible at these seminars,” he said. “And feedback from tech reps, shops and the forum on our S-tec training website helps us determine what we are going to cover, so that the seminars are relevant and valuable to the retailer and mechanics.”

Only one topic will be repeated both days. The “New Service Procedures for 2014 Shimano Product” will cover new product. Shimano hopes to attract retailers and mechanics on a tight schedule by offering the seminar before the show opens on Wednesday, and again at the end of the day on Thursday. And if those same retailers want to tinker for a few minutes at a workstation afterward, they can.

A Tech Bar at Shimano’s booth on the show floor will include examples and cross sections of products, along with technical information. A Shimano tech rep will also be on site to answer questions.

Murdick said the Tech Bar is meant to complement what will be covered at the seminars downstairs. “People can belly up to the bar and see what a clear, functioning brake looks like,” he said. “Then, they can go downstairs and learn how to work on that same brake.”

Retailers who attend a tech seminar and visit the Tech Bar will be entered into a drawing to win Shimano product.

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