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Published November 14, 2013

CHICAGO, IL (BRAIN) —, a nationwide bike rental network that helps cyclists find and rent bikes when traveling, has added direct deposit to its payment services so that bike rental payments are made directly into bike shop accounts. 

Direct deposit also allows shops to set any deposit amount they want on advance rental reservations instead of the standard 15 percent. The new payment system can collect a deposit on advance reservations and then collect a full payment for walk-ins automatically.  

The new payment system retains credit card numbers and allows balance due charges or incremental fees to be collected.  

“This is the upgrade that everyone’s been asking for,” said RentaBikeNow president George Gill. “It allows shops to truly leverage our robust reservation and inventory management solution and drive operational efficiency with a single checkout process. This enhancement also enables iPad and kiosk applications where shops can further drive efficiency by letting customers participate in the checkout process.”   

The new payment system is built on Stripe, a third-party payment processor.  Stripe requires no term commitments, setup or monthly fees.  

Converting an existing RentaBikeNow account to direct deposit takes about 15 minutes. Interested dealers should contact


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