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Custom builders Gaulzetti and Bedford merge production

Published June 9, 2014
Bedford (left) and Gaulzetti with their frames.

GREENFIELD CENTER, N.Y. (BRAIN) — Custom framebuilders Craig Gaulzetti and Kelly Bedford are merging production to turn out Gaulzetti Cicli- and K Bedford-branded frames.

Bedford took on the bulk of Gaulzetti's aluminum and steel road bike production starting last fall and is now fully operational on all production for Gaulzetti's road, cyclocross and mountain bike models, producing both stock and custom-sized frames.

"For my part the Gaulzetti frames are a joy to build," Bedford said, "Theyʼre simple, solid frames made from really high-grade materials, and as a fabricator, it doesnʼt get much better than that. Plus, Gaulzetti is a completely different brand from what Iʼve been doing with K Bedford, so itʼs a complementary, noncompetitive situation."

Bedford was a builder and designer for Serotta Bicycles before founding his own brand in 2008.

"Iʼm very excited to be working with Kelly,” Craig Gaulzetti said. “Gaulzetti Cicli was founded with a goal of making the best race bikes in the world, and by merging our production with Kelly weʼre producing the best bikes weʼve ever made, with shorter lead times.”

Gaulzetti Cicli and K Bedford bicycles are each sold directly to consumers and through a small network of specialty retailers.

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