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Domahidy Designs takes preorders for first production run

Published August 8, 2014

DENVER (BRAIN) — Frames from Domahidy Designs’ first production batch will be available in October, and company founder Steve Domahidy is taking preorders now.

“We’ve gotten a lot of interest for the bikes over the last few months with absolutely no attempt at marketing on our part. I think this first batch will be sold out relatively quickly,” he noted. Domahidy also has not been pushing his dealer program since launching last year since he had no product to sell.

“I am only going to open a very select few shops. There aren’t many left in the country that still can manage and deal with custom builds. Golden Bike Shop in Golden, Colorado, is my first official dealer, and they are set up with dealer pricing,” he said, and now that the bikes are on their way he is talking with a few other shops. Several bikes and frames from Domahidy Designs’ Kickstarter campaign went through Golden Bike Shop.

“We plan on doing a hybrid model, where people can buy direct from our store if there is no local dealer. If there is a local dealer, they can still purchase online, but will pick up the frame from the IBD,” he said.

Domahidy said he is making the final tweaks on the company’s road bikes and getting them ready for production, but no date has been set for when the road bikes will be available. 

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