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Former pro team coach to provide training plans for Levi's Gran Fondo participants

Published August 11, 2014

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (BRAIN) — Former pro team doctor and coach Dr. Max Testa is offering training plans for participants in this year's Levi Leipheimer's King Ridge Gran Fondo, the event's organizers announced. The October event in Sonoma County, California, attracts about 7,500 riders.

A free two-week sample of Testa's training program is available now for free on Testa's website; a plan that will take riders up to and beyond the Gran Fondo is available for $80 per month.

"Max was writing my training programs for a dozen years while I was living and riding in Sonoma. He knows the demands that this area and the route place on a rider," said King Ridge Gran Fondo's founder, Levi Leipheimer. "So he's unquestionably the best person to write a training program that can help get any rider into top shape for our fun, but tough ride."

"I've been very excited to see European-style gran fondos take hold in the United States, particularly such a scenic and challenging event like Levi's Gran Fondo," said Testa. "Having worked with Levi and written his training plans for these very roads, I'm already familiar with the specific challenges riders of all abilities will face on their special day and look forward to helping them prepare for the best experience possible."

Testa worked for nearly 30 years with professional cycling teams, beginning in 1986 with the 7-Eleven team and contining with Motorola, MG TechnoGym, and Mapei. Levi's Gran Fondo is a timed, mass start cycling event that raises money for a range of charities. It has three route options of 32, 65, and 103 miles.

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