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Prototype transmission stolen with bike in Las Vegas

Published September 15, 2014

LAS VEGAS  (BRAIN) — Tony DuPont awoke last week at his Las Vegas hotel to find his bike, built around his latest prototype transmission, gone from the back of his truck. He reported the theft to the Las Vegas police but it has not yet been recovered.

"It was the latest version of our transmission with new gears and intelligence, I was pretty excited to show it to some potential customers," said DuPont, founder of IODuPont, the supplier of Power Cordz cables.

DuPont intended to show e-bike makers and other suppliers his infinitely variable transmission design that had electronic sensors and controllers able to change the drive ratio at will, even during a pedal stroke.

"Whoever stole it will quickly realize they cannot go very far on it and it has zero street value. For me the value is huge, we worked so hard to get it together in time for the show. Many of the parts were unique, though we can rebuild a new prototype but it's going to take awhile," he added.

If anyone has information DuPont would welcome any information at

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