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Made-in-America bikes hit Wal-Mart

Published February 10, 2015

MANNING, S.C. (BRAIN) — Bikes rolling out of Bicycle Corporation of America's South Carolina factory are available to purchase in-store at various Wal-Mart locations nationwide, as well as on Wal-Mart's website.

BCA's assembly factory is the first mass production of bikes in the U.S. in more than 15 years, and the bikes are being produced without an increase in price over previous imported models. BCA bikes retail for an average of $120.

"BCA is dedicated to bringing jobs back to America without compromising on value," said Scott Kamler, BCA president. "We are honored to provide jobs for American workers and are proud to be a part of Wal-Mart's 'Made in America' commitment."

In 2013, Wal-Mart pledged to boost sourcing of U.S. products by $250 billion over the next 10 years — helping to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

A recent survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that 78 percent of Americans would rather buy the American product when given a choice between a product made in the U.S. and an identical one made abroad. Sixty percent of the survey's respondents indicated they'd buy American-made products even if they cost 10 percent more than imported versions.

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