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Dahon enlists ORIS Intel for MAP enforcement

Published February 3, 2016

DUARTE, Calif. (BRAIN) — Folding bike maker Dahon has signed an agreement with Columbus, Ohio-based Oris Intel to use the company's Prowl software to support its North American dealers in MAP compliance.

Prowl helps manufacturers identify who is selling their products online, monitor these retailers for price changes and enforce minimum advertised price (MAP) policies.

"Oris Intel has a strong track record of finding price violations with its Prowl monitoring the Web 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said Monte Smetherman, operations manager of Dahon North America. "Many price changes come when retailers know our offices are closed. After hours and weekends are now in play, so those who make price changes during those times will go on record. Prowl provides us with a report that features a time-stamped PDF of the date, time and retailer who is out of compliance. We will also have visibility into who moved first."

Justin Meats, chief product officer for Oris Intel, said: "We are honored to work with Dahon and excited to help them be proactive in enforcing their brand online. By enforcing MAP via Prowl, it demonstrates that they are clearly committed to supporting their dealers and giving consumers a consistent experience with their brand."

Oril Intel's clients for MAP enforcement include CatEye, Selle San Marco and 2XU.

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