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Velocity Commuting Solutions selling e-bikes through corporate programs

Published July 5, 2016

CAPITOLA, Calif. (BRAIN) — Velocity Commuting Solutions is selling Stromer and A2B e-bikes to corporate employees through mobile showrooms, employee test ride programs and fleet sales to corporations. The company also is offering to match employer purchase incentives up to $200 per bike.

"Traditional bicycles in the U.S. are purchased primarily for recreation. E-bikes, however, open up a much broader market opportunity for commuting," said Adam Snyder, founder and co-managing member at Velocity Commuting Solutions. "Most people live 15 miles or closer to work so getting on a e0-bike to commute becomes a healthy alternative to sitting in traffic everyday, something that most companies encourage and support."

Velocity Commuting Solutions will bring mobile showrooms directly to companies so that employees can test ride a variety of e-bikes from the two brands. The company said its corporate-direct business model "provides a greater level of education and exposure than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers."

Employees can configure and order e-bikes online. All eBikes are assembled and tested then delivered, free of charge, to the employee's home or office. Every purchased eBike comes with 12 months of free roadside assistance and free pick-up and delivery for all warranty service.

In addition to employee purchases, Velocity Commuting Solutions also offers a fleet purchase program for those companies who wish to provide a bike-sharing program on the corporate campus.

"Velocity Commuting Solution's approach will be able to get more car commuters on A2B e-bikes than any current sales method in the industry. They will be engaging car commuters at their workplace and showing them how easy it will be to convert from driving a car to riding an eBike to work," said Kyle Langdon, A2B's business manager.

Velocity Commuting Solutions currently serves the San Francisco Bay Area but plans call for expansion to other major markets throughout the U.S.

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