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Gita hires Mark McCormack in New England

Published September 15, 2016

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (BRAIN) — Gita Sporting Goods Ltd. has hired Mark McCormack as its independent sales representative for Giordana in-line and custom clothing, Pinarello bicycles and Pegoretti frames in the New England territory.


A retired professional cyclist and multiple time national champion, McCormack is familiar with Giordana clothing having worn it on several different teams throughout his career. After retiring from the pro circuit he created Slipstream Cycling Services, an independent rep organization.

"This is kind of like a homecoming for me. Ever since I started my business as a sales rep I've kept a close eye on what Gita was bringing to the market. I have fond memories of racing in Giordana clothing in the 80's, 90's, and mid 2000's. I am excited to be working with them once again and to help showcase Giordana, Pinarello, and Pegoretti throughout New England." McCormack said after signing on.

Andretta Walker, Giordana's national sales director, said,"We're extremely happy to have Mark on board. He's obviously a highly motivated individual who has been successful in every endeavor he's pursued. His commitment and enthusiasm to our brands is contagious and will be beneficial to all dealers in his area. We look to Mark to provide shops the service and guidance necessary to reach their full potential with the Gita family of brands."

McCormack can be reached at 508-596-2453 or

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