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Geoff Kabush designs his own kit with Garneau for 2017

Published March 3, 2017

ST-AUGUSTIN-DE-DESMAURES, Québec (BRAIN) — Canadian mountain biker Geoff Kabush is planning a year of chasing race adventures around the globe on a new one-man sponsorship program with title sponsors Scott Sports and Maxxis. He's also ratcheting up his relationship with Louis Garneau Sports. He developed his own race kit with the company and will be involved with the marketing department and product development this season, the company said. 

Eric Sakalowsky, global marketing director at Garneau, said, "Marketing is constantly evolving and Geoff is the ideal partner to showcase all of our expertise. By creating marketing content and helping the development of a complete line of custom apparel, Geoff Kabush's involvement with us is unique. The whole team is very proud to bring this long-standing partnership to a whole new level."

Kabush said, "This year brings something new and exciting as it is the first time I've gotten a chance to work directly with Louis Garneau's custom design team. I helped with input before on some designs but this was the first time I've had the chance to inspire and create my own look. Starting from scratch was a little intimidating but I just looked back at ideas and experience for what jerseys I've liked over the years and what inspired me. I've tried to keep at least one jersey from every year I've raced and have quite a few special custom kits and jerseys from over the years. This gave me quite a library to pull ideas from."

There's more on Kabush's clothing design in the video below.

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