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Boulbol and Sims form new PR agency, Simbol. First client: Wolf Tooth

Published April 19, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Industry veterans Nic Sims and Scot Boulbol have formed a new PR/marketing agency, called Simbol Communications. The company's first client is Wolf Tooth Components.

Sims was an executive at Specialized, Alpinestars and Scott USA. Boulbol has been a freelance journalist, a consumer brand manager for Bontrager and a copy writer at Specialized. 

Boulbol said Simbol is "targeting mostly cycling-related brands along with some outdoor crossovers as well."

Minneapolis-based Wolf Tooth has hired Simbol to handle a variety of PR and marketing services. Besides PR and media relations outreach, Simbol will build more web and collateral content for Wolf Tooth and may also help with events and promotional efforts as needed.

Dan Dittmer, Wolf Tooth's vice president, said, "At our core we're an engineering-centric group here at Wolf Tooth. We've got that part dialed. But to help us reach a broader audience for our products — an audience that will benefit from our products, but might not be as familiar with our brand — we're seeking some assistance on the marketing and PR fronts.

"Nic and Scott at Simbol are super experienced at this, and they're very knowledgeable of cycling tech and the industry as a whole. They're the perfect team to help us craft the right message and get it out to the masses."

Boulbol said, "We've known about Wolf Tooth's outstanding and highly beneficial products for a while now, and we never thought they got the mass attention they deserve, so we're thrilled to have the opportunity to help make that happen.

"We sought them out specifically because we knew there was major untapped potential there. These products will benefit any rider, and we'll make sure the world knows that."

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