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Stages Indoor Cycling acquires VismoX Group, a group cycling software

Published June 6, 2017

PORTLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Stages Indoor Cycling has acquired VismoX, a group cycling software platform developed by Virtual Cycling AS of Norway.


Stages has been the global distributor for VismoX and the acquisition is effective immediately.

VismoX is the software at the heart of Stages Flight, a suite of indoor cycling experiences and management tools. 

"At Stages Cycling we're focused 100 percent on cycling. Our goal is to help commercial studios create the best cycling experience possible and to help their members be their best - the acquisition of VismoX builds on our ability to do just that," said Jim Liggett, the CEO of Stages Cycling. "We now have the capability to offer our customers an industry-leading ecosystem that is unrivaled."

Stages Cycling also announced record-setting Q1 financial results. The privately held company said Stages Indoor Cycling "is the fastest growing indoor fitness equipment company in the world with 163 percent growth in 2016."

The company said strong sales of Stages SC studio bikes and global deployment of the Stages Flight group cycling platform contributed to the financial performance. 

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