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Velotooler unveils business account plan for bike brands looking for assemblers

Published November 21, 2017

BOSTON (BRAIN) — Velotooler, a peer-to-peer app for bike mechanics, is now offering a program for bike brands needing assembly and deliveries.


The company has created a business account system that gives access to participating mechanics, who Velotooler said are "professional, vetted and insured." Velotooler currently has about 100 mechanics registered and another 200 in the process of registering.

Bike assembly starts at $65 while annual full-service plans are $152 per year and include assembly, follow-up visit and tuneup.

"The full service plan will help smaller companies with less dealership coverage to service their clients or deal with unexpected recalls and warranty service," Velotooler said.

Velotooler schedules assemblies and other services and after the bike is complete and delivered the business account holder gets and invoice with all the details.

At the time of the first service, Velotooler creates a profile registration for the bike and its owner in its database, which could be useful for the bike owner, future mechanics and the bike brand.

Velotooler is in test mode with this program with several bike brands and a large retailer that the company declined to name.

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