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Petition to Delay the New Lead Limit

Published February 4, 2009

Looks like the National Association of Manufacturers has filed a petition with the CPSC to delay the onset of the lead limit portion of the Consumer Product Safety Information Act by 185 days. The BPSA supports the petition. If the CPSC okays the request (it appears the commission won't vote until Monday, a mere day before the ban is scheduled to go into effect!), there will be a lot of relieved people in the bike industry—not to mention pretty much every other industry that manufactures any kind of children's toy or product.

If the law stands, as of next Tuesday, all children's and BMX bikes with any parts that exceed the lead limit will be considered hazardous materials and could be yanked off retail shelves. Obviously this would be devastating to the industry. The BPSA and Bikes Belong are doing everything they can to keep this from happening.

I'll have more on the petition on the Web tomorrow morning. Feel free to comment on how the CPSIA is affecting you. Retailers: Do you plan to pull kids' bikes off the shelves if nothing changes with the law by next Tuesday?

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