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Phat Cycles Visit

Published May 20, 2009

Robert Torrico and I cruised north on the 405 yesterday to visit Phat Cycles in Huntington Beach.

Phat Cycles, for those that don't know, make some very cool cruisers and choppers. I'll be doing a story on them and what they're up to in the June 15 issue, but I thought I'd drop some pics from my visit first.

Upon entering Phat's front door, Stretch appears.



These four industry veterans are the main force behind Phat, standing behind Phat's U.S. Army prototype cruiser. Pretty damn cool. (From left to right): Dick Steele, purchasing/product development; David Menahem, owner; Ed Hickey, director of sales and marketing; and Gary Hoisington, product design/engineering.

Ed Hickey used to work for GT back in the day. This picture that hangs in Ed's office was taken in 1997 only a few days after GT co-founder Richard Long was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. Recognize a few of those young GT employee faces? (Second from left): Mark Peterman, and (far right): Bill Armas, who is now with Park Tool...or is that Guy Fieri?


Phat's warehouse, where bikes are ready go out to dealers.



"Remember what brand used to use 'Discover the Difference' on their boxes?" David asked. That would be Univega. David worked for Ben Lawee for many years, distributor of Univega bikes in the U.S. back in the day. "He taught me everything I know about the bike business," David said.



Speaking of Ben Lawee. This was Ben's old desk that Gary uses now.


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