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Messy, Messy, Messy Uh, oh....

Published September 9, 2010

After this weekend? I’ve now read two different articles about Lance and U.S. Postal drug charges. (Wall Street Journal, Aug. 20: "Cyclists Armstrong, Hincapie Broaden Legal Team"; Wall Street Journal, Sept. 4, U.S. Mulls Joining Cycling Lawsuit.")

A few weeks ago both Lance and George H. had a ‘Ravishing Rick Rude Awakening' moment (former pro wrestler) about the seriousness of defrauding the government. It was announced that they both pulled out the big guns and hired legal firms that have formerly rep'ed Clinton, Goldman Sachs, etc.

Now, a few days ago, the U.S. Justice Department said they’re thinking about “intervening" in this federal whistle blower lawsuit brought on by Floyd L. ( the blower of the whistle he stuffs 30% of any money the government recovers in his jersey pocket. Cha-ching)

Cosmically confused? Intervene? Does that mean to stop it or to dig deeper? Either way it’s getting ugly with words like “epic cheater” and “in it for the money” being tossed around like spitballs in a third grade classroom.  

Bottom line? It’s bad for cycling and in a worst case scenario big fines and possibly the Big House for these types of charges. Plus? It will surely mess up Lance’s dream to be governor of Texas. 

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