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Grrlls Rock!

Published September 13, 2010


It’s cool that Trek has hired a new women’s brand manager. Kudos.

And the timing couldn’t be better.

Check this out…a recent American Express report drilled down on $620 billion in annual spending over 90mm cards.

They found ‘well heeled young women are leading they way spending more on gifts, charities, and children—as well as on fitness. 

OK, OK…reality check? These are super affluents with at least $7k a month in charge bills.….but the numbers also showed younger affluent chicks spent more than the over 45 affluents who have spent less due to their currently lame personal 401k numbers.

One last deep space data point? There a big gain in internet spending at online luxury retailers. Maybe these shoppers are embarrassed to flaunt shopping bags full of bling during a recession and discreetly buying online ??

 Some terrestrial thoughts/questions?

-Can fashion/fitness intersect via bike with these grrlls or others?

-Can retailers in these pocket markets find inexpensive ways (ex: your email database) to ‘talk’ to this customer for incremental sales opportunity?

-Is this niche of increased rev$$ a sign for what’s to come?

-Am I hallucinating this market is even relevant to the bike biz? Ha!


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